New York Lawyer Indicted For Tax Cheating

Over the years, this guy has made news by representing some controversial characters. This time, he made the news by being indicted himself. His clients include terrorists. He also represented a disbarred civil rights attorney Lynne Stewart. Stewart, incidentally, also represented convicted terrorists.

Stanley Cohen, a New York attorney, was indicted last week by a federal grand jury. The indictment includes allegation of not filing individual and corporate tax returns from 2005 through 2010. In short, he’s accused of being a tax cheat.

Pointer 1. A failure to file required tax returns may lead to trouble, including criminal indictments.

Mr. Cohen claims that “the indictment is a politically motivated attempt to silence him”. He also considers it a “witch hunt.” “This is the culmination of at least five years of harassing me, of seeking to silence me”. This is what he told The Associated Press.

Whether this is a witch hunt or just another tax evasion case, only the time will tell. In the meantime, Stanley Cohen deserves the right to be deemed innocent, unless proven guilty in the future. I wonder, does Mr. Cohen plan to hire a competent and experienced criminal tax attorney? As opposed, that is, to representing himself. If not, he may end up having a fool for a client.

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