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Igor Krishtul, ChFC, EA

From: Igor Krishtul, ChFC, EA

Hello Friends,

Welcome to KCO Tax Advisory Unit. We are a division of KCO Financial Services, a provider of diversified and multi-layered financial and estate planning solutions.

Our services are highly personalized. For this reason, most of our clients reside, work or own property within Metro New York and surrounding areas. Each taxpayer is unique. Accordingly, our tax planning and recommendations are based on your distinctive situation and goals.

Our practice is concentrated in taxation. Unlike most of the public accounting firms, our Tax Advisory Unit does what it says – taxes. We save you taxes. We prepare complex tax returns. We protect your interests in matters involving the IRS and state tax authorities.

I have assembled a team of top-notch tax pros. They include Enrolled Agents (EAs), Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), tax attorneys and former Revenue Agents. But, our fancy degrees or designations aren’t really such a big deal.

Rather, our quality tax experience, practical knowledge and know-how are the factors that really make the difference.

Most taxpayers don’t have serious problems with the IRS. But, those who do, face potential increases in tax liabilities, penalties and interest. Significant discrepancies may even lead to criminal investigation.

IRS tax problems can break you. A fairly simple IRS audit can also lead to trouble with state and local tax authorities. Professional tax audit help is not a luxury. It is a necessity.

Many tax advisors simply don’t have what it takes to provide a solid top-notch representation. We resolve most of the IRS issues in an amicable and mutually satisfactory fashion.

Our licensed professionals are ready to represent taxpayers before the IRS in all matters and on all administrative levels. Some of our professionals have been on both sides of the trenches. We use our knowledge and understanding of both official and unpublished IRS procedures to our clients’ advantage.

We are ready – and able – to fight for our clients without antagonizing the Revenue Agents, Appeals Officers and other IRS personnel.

Our interaction with you is not limited to the tax preparation time. At this time, there is little (if anything at all) that can be done to reduce your tax liability. Tax planning is an ongoing process and my associates and I are available to you throughout the year.

Taxation is a vital part of any financial and estate plan. Accordingly, we integrate tax strategies with other areas of your overall planning.

Our long-term income, estate and gift tax reduction strategies are innovative and modern. Yet, they are conservative at the same time. We never get our clients involved with questionable and abusive tax schemes that can cause unnecessary problems with the IRS.

Any prudent individual should keep his or her taxes to the rock-bottom minimum. Excessive taxation is frequently your own fault.  We work hard (and smart) to help you reduce and defer your tax liability. We help you cut your tax bills within the limits permitted by law.

Please call or e-mail to arrange a free introductory meeting to discover how you, your family and your business can benefit from our personalized services.

You can also use this General Contact Form to request additional information or appointment.


Dedicated To Protecting Your Assets And Maximizing Your Wealth,

Igor Krishtul, Managing Director
KCO Financial Services

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